High Polish Fake Cartier Bracelet in China


The replica cartier juste un clou bracelet is the red form of the mineral corundum, and the most valuable member of the group. It ranks above the diamond in value, because large, perfect rubies are extremely rare. In color it varies from a rose to a deep carmine, the “pigeon’s” blood hue being the most valuable. There is a legend that the expert’s test for the color of a ruby is to put the gem on a sheet of white paper and let a fresh drop of blood from a pigeon’s heart fall beside it. This explains the name of the shade. The color varies greatly with the direction from which the stone is viewed. Therefore in cutting, the side from which the richest color is seen is always uppermost.

Burma and India contain the most important ruby mines. Other mines are located in Siam, Ceylon, Afghanistan, and in the United States in North Ceylon.

Some rubies show a six rayed star and are called asteriated or star replica panthere de cartier ring with ruby, sometimes cat’s eye ruby. They are quite rare.

Inferior stones and imitations are very often offered for rubies because the stone is so valuable. The most common substitutes are the red spinel and garnet. Potical tests readily detect the difference.

Common faults of fake cartier box are a lack of clearness, or a presence of cloudiness, called silk, patches, and internal cracks.