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Floating Beads Replica Cartier Necklace

Surprisingly simple to assemble, this replica cartier necklace is made by gluing the beads at intervals along the stringing wire. The only trick is waiting for the glue to dry before grouping the strands together. This is an extremely versatile technique, so feel free to experiment with different bead varieties to create new effects. For instance, small pearls will make delicate strands, whereas brightly colored miracle beads will make a vibrant finished replica amulette de cartier necklace.

Wholesale Amulette de Cartier necklace, XS model, Pink gold, pink opal, diamond

one • Randomly string nine beads onto each of the three strands, arranging the beads so they’re spaced 2½” (6cm) from the ends and 1½” (4cm) apart. Squeeze glue into each bead hole, then leave the beads undisturbed until the glue has completely dried, preferably overnight.

two • Hold the wires together at one end and secure them together with a crimp end connector, using the crimping pliers to fold each of the side flaps over the wires to trap them in place. Trim away the excess wires where they emerge from the connectors.

three • Attach a lobster clasp to one of the crimp end connectors using pliers to open the loop on the clasp. Slide the clasp onto the loop of the crimp end connector and use pliers to close the loop to secure the clasp.

four • Measure out 3½” (9cm) of premade chain and open one of the links to separate it. Attach the 3½” (9cm) length of chain to the free crimp end connector with a 4mm jump ring. Slide a small square black bead onto a head pin and create a loop at the top to attach it to the last link of the chain.

Crystal Garden Replica Cartier Bracelet

This miniature garland blooms all year round with unexpected brightly colored flowers. Each flower is simply made by looping seed bead petals around a crystal bead flower center. If you don’t have time to make both strands, stop with just one or consider making a bracelet oreven just a pair of single-stem leaf and flower earrings.

Replica Cartier Love bracelet in pink gold

one • Before stringing the beads, tape one end of the wire with clear tape to hold the beads in place. Thread three bugle beads separated by seed beads onto the 32-gauge beading wire. Slide on nine seed beads and thread the wire back through the first seed bead to make the first leaf.

two • String on another bugle bead, a seed bead, and a 6.5mm crystal for the center of the first flower.

three • String seven seed beads onto the wire and thread it back through the crystal to create the “petals” on one side of the bead.

four • String seven seed beads onto the wire and thread it back through the crystal again, this time forming the “petals” on the other side of the crystal flower center. Continue to string stems, leaves and crystal flowers. Use different sizes of crystals for the flower centers, each of which requires a different number of seed beads. For 4mm and 6.5mm crystals, string seven seed beads on each side. The 8mm beads require nine beads on each side, and 9mm crystals require ten beads on each side. End the three seed beads. Bead the second strand in the same manner as the first, but don’t include leaves at the beginning or end.

five • Attach each end of each beaded strand to either piece of the clasp by wrapping the end of the wire securely around the loops in each end of the clasp. Twist the wire tails around the ends of the strands in front of the clasp to secure the replica cartier love bracelet. Trim the ends of the wire to finish.

Butterfly Dangle Replica Cartier Earrings Choker

Perfect for the young at heart, this colorful replica cartier love earrings with its sweet glass heart, flower and butterfly beads is hard to resist. Transforming beads into charms is quick and easy—and it’s a great way to create a consistent design. Next time you find an irresistible bead variety, consider using this technique to transform them into dangles.

one • Begin making the necklace by making the dangles. Slide a butterfly bead onto a gold head pin and trim the wire to about ¼” (61mm) above the bead. Create a loop with the head pin wire using round-nose pliers and wrap the tail end of the wire around the base of the loop two times. Create more dangles using other kinds of beads—use flowers and hearts as well as butterflies.

two • Attach 2″ (5cm) of premade gold chain to the wire with a crimp bead. String seed beads and other beads onto the wire in a random pattern for about ½” to 1½” (1cm to 4cm). Then string on a dangle and continue randomly stringing beads and dangles at the same intervals.

Replica Cartier Love Earrings in yellow gold

three • Finish stringing the beads and attach a gold lobster clasp to the end with a gold crimp bead, flattening it with the crimping pliers or chain-nose pliers to secure the clasp.

four • To create a dangle for the end of the chain, string another bead on a head pin and loop it around the last link in the chain. Fasten the necklace by hooking the lobster clasp to the desired length of chain link.

Another Simply Beautiful Idea for Replica Cartier Jewelry

Use leftover beads to make playful matching heart and butterfly replica cartier jewelry. Thread the following bead sequence onto a 1¼” (3cm) gold-plated head pin: turquoise seed bead, red butterfly bead, green seed bead, blue heart bead, yellow seed bead, turquoise seed bead, yellow glass bead. Shape the end of the head pin around round-nose pliers, then thread the earwire onto the shaped wire before wrapping it closed.

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